It is officially here, my friends!

My brand-new book, ‘Truth and Dare: Daring to Live Your Truth in a Fake World’ released on 11-11-22, and it has truly changed my entire life.

This was a beautiful and delightful experience, and it’s really been several years in the making. I’ve learned (and experienced firsthand) that the breakdown really does come before the breakthrough, and that’s how I felt in my own life before this book came about. My life was literally crumbling away, and everything began changing and expanding.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing about:

  • The initial ‘download’ I received for the idea and title of my book, and how I knew it was going to change everything. This happened about 4 years ago, and I remember feeling the idea sweep over my body. It was one of those ‘God downloads’, and I had no idea that what would come from this book would change everything I once knew.
  • My past experiences of making decisions based on fear. I don’t recall ever feeling so scared in my life, until everything started changing all around me. However, now that I’m on the other side of all of this, I realized that everything I did before this experience was fear-based. I was stuck in fight and flight trauma responses, but I didn’t recognize that it was actually ruining my life. So much of it goes back to our upbringing, and what we were taught and shown growing up. If we played by certain rules and did things the ‘right’ way, we would be happy, and have a really great life. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works.
  • The importance of really connecting to ourselves on a deeper level, so that can translate to connecting with others in the same way. We need to consider how we can have deep, meaningful relationships with those around us, beyond just a physical level. It starts with fully connecting to ourselves first, and connecting to the Divine source. Then, we can step into our truth.
  • Understanding that when challenges comes, we can actually flow and surrender to them, instead of suffering through them. We have to decide we are going to show up in this world in a different way. This doesn’t mean we won’t ever have difficult days, but we don’t have to suffer and just ‘survive’. We’re able to navigate this world with more flow, surrender, and acceptance, and much less judgment.

Daring to live your truth in a fake world, no matter what you’ve experienced in your past.

This book has been such a labor of love, and it has truly been an honor to write and create it. Even if you don’t fully understand all of the material or it doesn’t totally make sense to you, I hope and pray you will feel the love and energy that comes from it, and will take this opportunity to grab a copy for yourself.

My greatest desire is for you to experience and embody your truth, fully connect with who you are, cultivate beautiful relationships with those around you, and always have clarity and peace from the Divine!

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