Last fall, I was sitting in a crowded conference, and I heard a presenter say, “Goddess Yoga”. It was as if a lightning bolt pierced through me when I heard those words.

I thought it was only something I would bring to the upcoming Yin on Fire festival- but quickly realized this medicine was specifically for me. So I dove into teacher training amid the chaos of writing a book, publishing it, starting a new business and leaving real estate behind. I didn’t understand the reason until I “felt” the reason.

I had been shifting into feminine divine energy to create and build this new life- but I didn’t know how that “felt”. It is as if someone was trying to recreate a recipe without first tasting it to know how the final dish should be. When I started practicing Goddess Yoga, I started to “feel” what it was to be a woman.

This is important- because women have been taught to create like men for a very long time. Our systems are all based on male energy. It’s no wonder that the majority of women I talk to are tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated. They are created in masculine instead of feminine.

After discovering Goddess- I started to create, and flow and have more joy and pleasure in my life. The somatic movement helped to release some old emotional residue, and then allowed me to step into trust with myself, others, and the Divine.

Today’s episode is all about the creation of Goddess Yoga and the shifts that owner and creator, Holly Kellogg has seen in thousands of women since she started her first Goddess class almost a decade ago.

A special episode. A special practice. A special medicine. Don’t miss this episode!

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