Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be saying goodbye to my husband.

But I know…The greatest moments of my life have been after the surrender.

I didn’t know that would include my marriage…..

I have known for a while that it couldn’t keep going in the manner it had. I watched the most beloved person in my life dying in front of my eyes….and I simply watched not knowing what to do and not knowing how to change it.

My inner voice kept nudging me to look at it- put it out in the light so I could see what it was doing….I decided two weeks ago to look at it and hold it in my hands.

And what I saw brought every feeling up to me-

-I saw myself trying to save everyone else because I felt I needed to be saved and felt lost.

-I saw my beautiful spouse trying to get love from me because he felt I was his love, I was his world, and couldn’t seem to find the love within himself.

-I saw that my chronic fatigue was a direct result of living in this madness.

-I saw that our toxic patterns were indeed killing us both quite literally physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And once you see….you cannot unsee…..

And in my human mind I could see only one way to set ourselves free from our pain and suffering, and that included the “D” word….. Only one way for us to be apart and start healing from the inside out.

But God spoke to me and said if I were brave and did what my heart was asking me to do- that there would be more beauty on the other side than anything else I could possibly feel or experience in this lifetime.And so I did…..

It was the hardest thing I have ever done up until this point- at least in making the decision to do it. But really- I had lived in the “hard’ all of my life because of how I perceived it and lived it.

And when I let go and surrendered- there was more than I ever could hope for or even imagine.

Dan and I kept asking what more is there….what more is there?

And because of love- Dan and I discovered that we could come back to ourselves without permanently ending the beauty that did exist in our unity.

The beautiful parts of our marriage that were whole and beautiful and connective and wonderful.

But that we would need to let go- physically, mentally, and emotionally and to come home to ourselves before we could fully come back to connection with each other.

The moment we both surrendered?







Dan will be going on an undefined exploration of America next week.

No predetermined location, timing, itinerary, agenda, just his heart leading the way. I get to learn how to be alone.

How to save myself, and stop trying to save everyone else. I get to learn how miraculous I am by simply being.

The greatest gifts are on the other end of the surrender.

The greatest love comes from within and allows us to love others.

Letting go allows us to have everything.

And in its place Dan and I discovered true intimacy.

This week has been the most miraculous week of my life.

Dan and I will be shared our story on my podcast this week.

The story is so sacred that it needs to be shared by our own mouths- with our own perceptions- and our own thoughts behind what is unfolding in all of its splendor.

It is a long one- as we take you on the journey of our love story. The greatest love story I have ever heard.

The Untethered Love Story…..

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