Stop feeling stretched thin and get more done in less time....JOYFULLY!

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Let's get down to the core of who you are and give you the tools you need to live in true alignment, so that you can find real, lasting, and sustainable success!

Top 5 Ways to Ditch the Burnout and Get Back to Joy!

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Align with the Greatness Inside of You.

Wendy is passionate about showing women that the greatness they desire has always been readily available within and is awaiting their discovery.

The world teaches to turn to external sources for happiness, and that our performance is how we prove our worth to the world...Wendy has personally experienced this as she watched her life unravel as her family fell into mental illness, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and even almost leading to her own demise.

She soon discovered that this "perfectly imperfect" life was the key to learning how to tap into her own greatness, and living in her purpose as she shares with others how to do the same!

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A Speaker With Soul.

I started coaching with Wendy during a crossroads in my professional life. I did not trust myself to move forward and found myself floating nowhere. After coaching with Wendy I learned to start listening to my intuition and gained confidence in the path I really wanted to pursue. With Wendy's help I tackled some feelings and beliefs that were holding me back. I am now pursuing my dreams with more passion and power and have achieved goals that before felt out of reach.

—Heather Gibson

“The world will change with confident women who know their purpose and will step into their greatness.”

—Wendy Bunnell

Wendy is a dynamic international speaker, coach, writer and advocate that has worked with a wide variety of audiences including women's events, parenting conferences, church groups, teen workshops, private gatherings, and university forums. She brings a combination of warmth, authenticity, power, and inspiration to every occasion.

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Wendy helped me to realize that I can choose how to react to things that come up, take responsibility for my part in it and see it from another’s point of view. She also taught me to train my brain to pick up on my successes and wins which helped me to focus on what I wanted to create instead of what I do not want to create. I found a lot of value in learning the EFT technique and the grounding meditations—they are now tools in my toolbelt. I have started working towards my dreams with purpose and passion and have stepped into my new profession as a healing professional!
—Megan Donovan

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