Hire Wendy Bunnell to Inspire Your Audience

Wendy is a captivating and crowd-pleasing professional speaker who will inspire and positively impact your audience!

Many can speak and deliver great content, but it takes a special speaker to connect with the audience on the level that Wendy Bunnell does.

If you want to build trust with the audience, if you want individuals on the edge of their seat, and if you want rave reviews after your event- Wendy is the speaker and emcee for you.

Finding the right speaker and emcee is an integral part in setting your conference apart from any other. And to do this- it is imperative that you find someone who can connect with the audience to not only hear great content, but to help facilitate that shift inside that creates lasting change.

People remember how they feel more than the facts that they retain. If you want people to look forward to attending your event year after year- Wendy can help assist that emotional connection with your event and mission for change.


I’ve heard Wendy speak and emcee for different events several times, and I’m always impressed by the way she engages the audience, keeps their attention, and relates so personally with everyone. She speaks from her heart and is a powerful speaker.

Allyson Chavez

Success & Life Coach, keynote speaker, high-end mentor

I was honored to have Wendy emcee two of my events. She has the ability to hold space for a room. Her stories are always more than relevant and add to every part of the event. Wendy is authentic, engaging, and so easy to listen to. She is the type of speaker that individuals in the audience want to hear more from even after she has left the stage.
Laurel Huston

Divine Feminine Enchantress, Award Winning International Speaker, and Coach

Wendy is simply amazing on stage. I have attended several events where Wendy acted as both emcee and shared amazing content. I was overwhelmed with how well she interacted with the audience, how she was able to adjust her energy based on the needs of the crowd and how easily she connected with them on an individual level.
Phoenix Vincent

Speaker, Author, Coach, Seven Figure Entrepreneur and Business Owner

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