The heaviness of the world is real

It feels like it will never end and that this life is to be endured and not enjoyed. And yet- those are simply lies contrived from the stories, beliefs, and programming you have had your entire life.

The emotions through those lies have been stored and tucked away- but make no mistake- they are still there.

The only way to get there is to go through.

The only element that is required is to have hope that there is something more.

And then to have the brevity and courage to act and do something different.

To consider that all the brokenness will never be fixed and repaired by external sources.

No therapist is going to save you.

No course will heal you.

No pill will take the pain

The answers are within you


It’s a process of feeling, processing, taking out the emotional garbage, and reclaiming your joy, bliss, and happiness once again.

Are you ready to do something different?

It is time to Illuminate Your Essence


My name is Wendy Bunnell. I am a Transformational Advocate. What does that mean? It means that I won’t be the one fixing you.

You don’t need to be fixed

You simply need to remember and see who you are. My only job is to place the new glasses on your frame of reference and to help you perceive things as they truly are.

Let’s shine a light on the lies and darkness that has built a fortress around you- promising you safety and solace, and resurrect the truth that is inside of you.

You may ask,

“Where do I even start?”

I walk people through the three steps to rediscovering themselves:

Step One

Learn to understand the language of your intuition- how you hear it, and how to distinguish it from the voice inside your head.

Step Two

Release the old emotional residue from past events and trauma. Trapped emotions are the wall between you and the natural flow of joy and happiness.

Step Three

Change the way you perceive the world by eliminating and changing the old stories and beliefs and transform a toxic world into a world of beauty and love. When you shift your internal world, the external world will change alongside of you. Watch the miracle unfold.

It’s time to set yourself free and discover your true self and…..

Illuminate Your Essence


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