I had my dear friend, Tonya Murray, on my newest podcast episode today. Tonya and I have known each other for awhile now and have gotten to see each other transition through new and different phases in life, so I was very excited to bring her onto the podcast.

Tonya and I have both had several parallels in our lives. We both worked in child welfare for quite some time (which was very near and dear to our hearts), and we’ve now shifted into a place of helping others evolve emotionally and spiritually. We’ve both had our own, unique stories, and we’re now right where we’re meant to be (even though it wasn’t a smooth and easy process to get to this place).

Tonya Murray is a life coach, author, speaker, and podcast host of the Functioning Hot Mess Podcast (make sure and check out her podcast on your favorite listening platform-it’s full of real-life goodness we all can relate to). She helps each woman she works with to discover and live her best life by building (or rebuilding) her self image, and step boldly and confidently into her dreams.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • Tonya’s story of working as the director of a child advocacy center, and then changing her direction to helping mothers gain confidence and learn to trust themselves. She then went on to become a life and health coach, and start her own business.
  • Recognizing that we want our kids to be happy and supported by us, but also knowing they will go through (and ultimately transform) from challenges they experience in life. We know that our kids’ happiness will look different than our own, and it will be different than what we would choose for them. They have to experience their own pain and setbacks in this world, because no one is exempt from that.
  • Stepping out and taking a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. This is basically baptism by fire for personal development and growth, and it’s a journey to get to the place your’e wanting to go (it doesn’t happen overnight).
  • Learning to listen to our hearts and what the universe is trying to tell us, instead of the stories and lies we used to tell ourselves

It’s time to start stepping out in faith, start raising your confidence, and experience your own, beautiful transformation.

Tonya and I each grabbed a card from a deck of cards before we started recording, and we wanted to share those on this episode (they were both spot on). Tonya’s card read “My happiness is a direct reflection of of my level of faith in the universe”, and it came from The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. My card came from the Divine Feminine Oracle, and it read “I see the light in my own darkness, I face my ego beliefs to feel free. As an enlightened female, she knew the difference between a God and a demon, and it had to do with her reaction to them. Those who causes pain teach us patience, whereas those who bring gifts can distract us from our spiritual paths. No one, and no single situation has the power to derail us, that is, unless we let it. The power rests within”.

My conversation with Tonya was filled with SO much wisdom, and I know we can all relate to her journey in some way. She has experienced a powerful transformation in her own life, and she’s now passionate about helping women rise to their personal power that is within.

It’s easy for us to think we’re playing it safe, but we’re really just staying ‘stuck’ when we aren’t listening to our hearts, and what the universe is telling us. When you learn to listen to that voice of peace and clarity, your life is going to change, and your transformation will be incredible!

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