I was honored to have the amazing and radiant Felicia Romero as a guest on my newest podcast episode. Felicia has tried and learned a lot over the years when it comes to wellness and business, so I’m very excited to have her share more of her story here.

Felicia is a mentor to fitness, health, and mindset coaches, a serial entrepreneur (which I can totally relate to), and she’s the host of the Hi Felicia Podcast. She’s been a fitness coach for over 15 years, and now loves helping women get started creating and launching online fitness businesses (and she has so much fun doing it!) 

Felicia is all about pivoting (and teaching women why it’s okay to do so), and she recently did a rebrand with her podcast. Her podcast was formerly known as the Diet Dropout, but she wanted to open up the conversation more, and cover even more important topics on her show. She now talks about empowerment, entrepreneurship, relationships, and much more, as well as health and wellness.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • Why all of the diets and workouts will never fully help (and heal) us if we don’t have the right belief and mindset in place first. We can search for and find the perfect diet, workout plan, coach, etc., but we don’t actually need those things to reach our health goals. We already have the power inside of us, and what really matters is the habits we’ve created, and what our mindset is like.
  • Felicia’s story of growing up in a healthy environment (no talk of dieting), and eventually doing fitness competitions in college.. She ended up competing for 9 years straight, and she was subjected physically during that time, which really took a toll on her.
  • What can happen when we start to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. We begin to have this ‘moral compass’ when it comes to food, and we view certain foods as taboo. Diet culture and the restrictive mindset we can easily fall victim to really comes into play here.
  • The importance of experiencing all of the ups and downs on our journeys with health, business, and life
  • How our bodies will show us and give us clues if we’re out of alignment in our lives. This can show up in so many different ways in our bodies. Maybe you’re experiencing back pain, headaches, thyroid problems, digestive issues, etc., and this is just the body’s way of showing you that you are unhealed and out of alignment.
  • The 2 things that keep women from moving forward and doing something new in their lives (and how you can get past these). 1. Fear creeps in and keeps us from doing what we’re meant to do. 2. We stay stuck because we don’t know what steps to take next (we don’t actually have to know everything when we are first starting out).

Embodying our bodies and focusing on total body health today, and for the future.

My conversation with Felicia was filled with SO many golden nuggets and powerful takeaways that I know you will resonate with. She wanted to create freedom, impact, and wealth in her own life; she’s truly passionate about helping other women do the same when it comes to wellness, business, and beyond, because it IS possible!

We really can collectively learn and grow from each other’s wisdom and spiritual gifts once we choose to stop being in a place of fear, and feeling ‘stuck’. When we begin to lean into love, faith, and trust, I truly believe we can change the world together!

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