For years I was searching….

  • Searching for the magic course.
  • The magic pill.
  • The magic person.
  • The magic amount of money.

Anything that could make me feel better. And allow myself to get out of constant worry and the hustle and the grind of my days.

Thank goodness for the challenges in my life. The breakdown does indeed come before the breakthrough.

These challenges led me back to myself.

That the magic was inside of me and not outside of me. I would never find this illusive feeling from getting more money, or the perfect house, or the ideal relationship.

It was in me.

So for this holiday season- I offer you some incredible golden nuggets of wisdom to bring you back to yourself.

You my friend are the greatest gift.

I paired up with my dear friend Kara Brandt this season to talk to you about your inner guru

The feeling you may have been searching for is inside of you.

Are you ready to tap into this place?

Listen to our very special edition of Illuminate Your Essence Podcast.

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