It’s here my friends….

Truth and Dare…Dare to Live Your Truth in a Fake World….

It’s here. 

The title of my book was given to me about four years ago. I remember feeling the name sweep over my body and knew that this was an important discovery and an important “download” from God. 

I didn’t realize how that journey to learning the principles contained in my book would force me to let go of everything I once knew. 

That the breakthrough would only come after the breakdown.

My beautiful and loving upbringing passed down traditions in the way I thought about life, lived life, and assessed and judged how I was doing in life. 

The programs and stories that I contrived in my mind were born from the understanding I had as a young child. 

We form our lives from this young age in which we start to have a sense of how this world is played. We learn this from parents, family, teachers, and the genetics we inherited from our ancestors. 

And they share their wisdom with us from a place of love generally speaking. 

Their understanding is that if we play life by the rules of the world, we will find this place of happiness while we are here. And, if we don’t, well then it is because our life path is going to require us to “endure to the end,” and there is always a promise of bliss and joy in the next lifetime. 

There was something off with this prescription. I would feel a shift each time I was told that either we brought upon ourselves the pain of the world, or that the world happened to us and that is why we suffer. 

Suffering…do we truly have to suffer?

I kept asking the questions to the Divine, and expecting an answer. 

Little did I know that every single are of my life would need to be dismantled in order to discover the truth for myself. 

The fear and pain and challenges would come before the surrender, the acceptance, and the love. 

The truth about fear and love, the truth about my body, and emotions, the truth about my breath, and meditation, and sound healing…they all were presented to me after I was desperate enough to accept their wisdom and love. 

In the surrender I found the truth.

In the unraveling of judgment, I found the healing I was seeking. 

I found the light. 

I found the lightness of this life. 

My perception changed, and everything around me changed.

My body healed.

My relationships deepened.

Money flowed.

Creativity became a joy and a delight as I co-created with God.

The fear started to dissipate. 

I am human, so I am not free from the pains of this world. But my understanding has changed and so I have a host of tools, and processes that lead me back to the truth once again.

That place of absolute love and peace.

It is mine for the taking- anytime I want it.

I don’t need to senselessly “endure to the end,” my heaven can be attained right now as I watch the beauty of the present unfold before me. 

I feel this awakening right now. I am watching people wake up to the truth that is inside of them.

The truth that always existed, they had simply forgotten. 

It will take practice to stay in that place of wholeness and truth- but I have the rest of my life to do so. 

I am taking the dare- are you? 

Truth & Dare….Daring to Live Your Truth in a Fake World.

Are you ready to take the dare?

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