I had the pleasure of having an incredible woman and my dear friend, Laurel Huston, as my first guest on today’s episode. Laurel has made a huge impact on my own life, and I’ve learned a great deal from her-especially when it comes to loving and embracing your feminine self. I’m excited for you to hear her story, and all of the value she has to share.

Laurel Dawn Huston, aka the Divine Feminine Enchantress, is an award-winning, international keynote speaker. She is the founder of Reflections Inside and Out, and the creator of Body Mapping, a technique used to identify markers on our bodies that signify gifts, abilities, and personality traits. She is innovative, and truly passionate about what she does; she’s been able to help thousands of clients regain trust with their relationships, and live a life that is tuned in, and turned on.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about loving and embracing your feminine self, as well as:

  • Laurel’s story of finding and becoming herself as the Divine Feminine Enchantress after healing, and learning who her highest self was
  • The importance of learning to love and accept our bodies, so we will realize that others can love and accept our bodies too
  • Realizing that we don’t have to “become” something, because we’ve always been worthy, and are enough already
  • Why we need to be able to receive pleasure (it’s our birthright to be able to have pleasure and joy after all), and not feel like we have to ‘give’ first, in order to receive from others 
  • Recognizing self-betrayal and how to stop it, and why we need to remember that our head is a clock, and our heart is a compass
  • Why we need to stop giving away our power, and be open to receiving things (inside and outside of the bedroom)

I absolutely LOVED this conversation with Laurel; we covered so much goodness when it comes to loving and embracing your feminine self! She has a special way of helping women embrace their feminine energy, and empower them to live a life filled with meaningful intimacy. I’m grateful that she was able to help me step back into this space in my own life, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts after you hear this episode. I have no doubt you’ll be inspired to step into your divine, feminine, and powerful self too!

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