I had the pleasure of bringing on a dear friend of mine, Kristi Holt, for my newest podcast episode. I only connected with Kristi a few months ago, but I knew I had to have her on the show from the first time we met. I’ve already learned so much about emotional intelligence from her (she really is an expert on this subject), and I’m excited to get to dive deeper into this topic with you more here.

Kristi Holt is the co-founder and CEO of Vibeonix, a unique technology that helps people navigate their complex emotions using voice analysis artificial intelligence (AI). Kristi and her husband both struggled with understanding and processing their emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. On their journeys, they realized they weren’t ever alone, and being able to recognize, validate, and express their emotions dramatically improved how they felt. She also founded the MECA project, a non-profit organization helping to create a space for teens and young adults to thrive mentally and emotionally. 

Kristi feels like the Vibeonix technology is going to change the way humanity views emotions. People will really be able to embody their emotional, vibrational selves (however that looks for them), and really, that is the ultimate goal when we’re talking about becoming emotionally intelligent. Most of us don’t realize that emotion drives everything we do. If we’re able to learn how to become really aware of what is happening for us instead of what is happening ‘to’ us, we can really get into a positive and healthier flow for ourselves.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • What the Vibeonix technology is and the 4 specific ways it can quantify emotional intelligence. The 4 ways Vibeonix quanitifies emotional intelligence is by 1. self-awareness, 2. self-management, 3. self-expression, and 4. empathy. It’s really not about what you’re feeling, but more about being aware of it, managing it, expressing it, and letting go of judgment so you can show yourself some radical empathy.
  • How you can actually become emotionally intelligent
  • Learning what your superpower is and staying in your own attunement when it comes to your emotions. If you think about a tuning fork, and you place another tuning fork next to it, the original fork will start to become attuned to the second, and play the same sound. You can really learn to shift an entire room by staying in your own attunement and holding your power (you just have to learn what YOUR unique superpower is).
  • The key to allowing your emotions to flow. Once you choose to become intentional and honor and surrender to your emotions, you’re able to bring forth your emotions, and work through them.
  • How your emotions can help you really understand what your thoughts are and make healthier decisions going forward
  • Becoming aware of how we are programmed and shifting the trajectory of our emotions

Becoming emotionally intelligent is a journey; it will take time, but it’s truly a beautiful process.

My conversation with Kristi was truly special, and all of the information and wisdom she shared was incredible. She has so much love, and was such a treat to have on the show! She has been a gift in my own life, and I have no doubt everything she shared on today’s episode will positively impact you as well.

I really want to encourage you to shift from judgment into curiosity as you’re learning about emotional intelligence, and be kind with yourself when it comes to your emotions. Don’t expect quantum leaps right away, because this will take time. Begin with practicing gratitude, and be kind with yourself on your journey!

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