I had the pleasure of having my dear friend, Liz Stone, as a guest on my newest podcast episode. She has her own unique story of experiencing and then dealing with unresolved trauma for years, so I was excited to bring her on and dive more into this topic today.

Liz Stone is a trauma survivor and now a trauma healing mentor and sound healing practitioner. She is the owner and founder of the Balanced Stone, a beautiful healing center in Utah that offers hope and healing through trauma informed resources, classes, and practitioners. 

Liz started her healing center to provide community and resources for anyone who has experienced trauma in a unique way. The community aspect was the piece she was really seeking as she continues on in her own healing journey, and she knows the importance of being surrounded by others. Some of the trauma resources have a great deal of knowledge behind them and have been around awhile, while others are newer, but have already been effective for treatment.

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced trauma in some form (even if it’s not sexual trauma), and it leads to a big emotional response in our bodies. Usually though, we don’t (or aren’t able to) move in the moment when the trauma happens, so it stays locked in us, and actually impacts us in ways we never even thought of.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • What trauma actually is, and how it impacts everything as it becomes ‘locked’ in your tissues
  • Liz’s personal story of experiencing what’s known as ‘trauma stacking’ as a teenager, which eventually led to agoraphobia and PTSD in her adult life. She lost her best friend and her friend’s mother to a tragic domestic violence situation when she was only 16, and then experienced a sexual trauma at age 17.
  • How the healing process starts (and what may or may not work for you when you’re trying to heal)
  • Why your body (specifically your heart) is actually the safest place for you to be
  • Various methods and tools you can use to reconnect with your body. Modalities like EMDR, grounding, neurofeedback, yoga, and somatic therapy are all tools people can use and may resonate with when working through their trauma.
  • Recognizing that the authority in your healing is you (your higher self)-you can’t look to others to ‘fix’ or heal you, because it has to start within you.

Taking my body back after trauma, once and for all.

My conversation with Liz was truly special; she is so full of joy, love, and wisdom, and she has a sincere desire to help others navigate their trauma. We talked about how so many of us are ‘doers’, and we use being busy as an avoidance tool. We think we’re going to ‘do’ our way to our health and clean up our trauma, but that’s just not how it works.

Trauma creates resistance for you to be able to experience the joy, happiness, peace, clarity and calm that are on the other side. It’s time for you to take that first step (wherever you decide to start), because you are worth it, and you deserve to live the life you want!

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