Learning to trust yourself is one of the most important parts in connection.

Because connection to ourselves has to come before the connection to others- and this includes intimacy and sex- we should always focus the connection inward first.

My FB group has largely stated that they feel like their trauma response is staying busy. Always doing. Always on drive.

The problem with that is it doesn’t give us time to quiet the mind so that the soul can speak.

Our bodies and minds deserve to have quiet time. We will start to find our true essence in the quiet and in the calm.

But in order to do that- we need to stop saying yes to everyone and everything except us.

Self- betrayal is the number one reason why we stop trusting ourselves.

How many times are we asked to volunteer and we say yes when inside we are screaming NOOOOO!

How many times do we have sex with our partner when inside we want to simply fall asleep?

How many times do we promise ourselves that we are going to eat healthier and then stop at the doughnut shop?

We all do….

And so it forms a disconnect with ourselves and others.

When you take back your power and start to show up for yourself- the world around you starts to support you as well.

Many of my clients and friends look at their schedule and say….there is nothing I can cross off- they are all non-negotiable!!

Look again….

Are they really? Or would they require you to have a few crucial conversations and speak your truth to a friend or colleague? Is their opinion and perception more important than yours?

This is a question I ask myself all the time now.

I simply put my hand over my heart and look at the commitment or potential commitment and say, “If I chose me- what would my answer be?”

If you chose you- would you cross off certain items in your day planner? Would you pause before committing to others and check in with yourself first?

Try this technique this week- and let me know how it works!

I would love to see if it is magic for you like it is for me.

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