When it comes to money, most of us want more, and many of us feel like there’s never enough. What would it feel like if you had a never-ending flow of money, and you weren’t always searching for it? I want to help you get to a place where money IS flowing to you, instead of you chasing the ever-elusive source of money.

Honestly, it took me years to discover how to have a beautiful dance with money. Traveling is one of my core love languages, and I love to drive cars that feel like you’re riding on air. I literally feel like I live in a sanctuary; it’s a beautiful home that overlooks Red Rocks, my favorite state park.

Yes, I’ve found absolute peace here, but I also have surrendered to the fact I am truly the most abundant when I can find joy in what I already have, and not the frustration and overwhelm that can block the receiving of money.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about:

  • My own story of taking the plunge and starting my own business 10 years ago doing something I loved, and then experiencing a major life event that changed everything. I had decided to quit my cushy and stable non-profit job to pursue my business of sharing about something I was passionate about-essential oils. My business really took off, and was actually on track to replace my full-time job. Everything was going really well, and I felt like I was living my dream life..until I wasn’t. While on a trip for my business, I received a shocking phone call from my husband and learned that he had been fired from his job as a police officer.
  • My feelings of fear and desperation with my previous business, and how it eventually grew to be a chore, instead of something I enjoyed. Once I learned that I was now the sole breadwinner for my family, I started showing up in a scarcity mindset, and my energy was nothing like it had been before. My thriving business tanked, and it went downhill quickly. Even though this was heartbreaking, it showed me how to get to the next level in my life, and led me to even better entrepreneurial pursuits in the future.
  • Why money is energy, and not something we actually see. Think of it as physics-like energy attracts like energy.
  • How you can learn to be in a place of abundance, no matter where you are in your life
  • What happened when I decided to take an entire month off in my business. I ended up starting a business in real-estate, and I eventually became overwhelmed with clients. I was exhausted and burned out, and finally, I reached out to another realtor for help. I ended up taking an entire month off in the summer, and went on 3 amazing trips with my family and friends; it was also my highest-grossing month in business that year.

You absolutely can have a never-ending flow of money, no matter where you are in your life.

While I honor and respect money’s ability to add value to my life, I also understand that it will never be the source of happiness for which I’m trying to seek. I want you to understand that you will experience the most abundance when you’re able to find joy in ‘what is’, instead of always searching and chasing. 

Yes, money CAN flow to you if you choose to live in abundance and practice gratitude, no matter what you have going on. I want this for you, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in your life!

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