Feeling unsafe, and being in a state of worry can be scary; you may feel like freeing yourself from anxiety seems impossible even. Unfortunately, this is something that impacts so much of our world today (it’s dramatically increased over the last 20 years). I loved getting to have my vibrant and beautiful friend, Phoenix Vincent, as a guest on the podcast today to talk all about this. Phoenix has so much wisdom to share, especially when it comes to the topic of anxiety, so I was very excited to bring her on and dive deeper into something that affects so many of us in today’s society.

Phoenix Vincent is the creator and founder of Dance Your Truth, a program designed to help women know who they are through movement and the makeup of their unique feminine nature. She’s an author of the book ‘It’s Not Yours: Overcoming Anxiety for Good, and Uncovering Joy’ and also co-owns Rocky Mountain Oils, a health and wellness business with her husband.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • Phoenix’s story of starting her company to help people find healing through movement, writing her book, and researching feminine energy
  • How your lack of safety (feeling that way) can lead to anxiety
  • Where anxiety actually comes from, and why it’s a fear-based experience
  • Techniques and tools you can use to take the edge off of anxiety as you begin the process of rewiring your brain
  • Phoenix’s 12-year journey of dealing with anxiety, and how she eventually “cracked the code”
  • The 3 different places anxiety shows up in the body

Understanding the source of your anxiety really matters, because it is different for every person. Breathing will be able to help some people, where it won’t be able to do much for others. Some people just need to know it’s okay to fail, and some decisions won’t work out. You can still free yourself from anxiety, and find confidence and joy.

Everything that we do is either through fear or love. We innately know how to love, so if we can look at what’s going on around us and say “How can I give more love”, that will help us tremendously. If you’re in a fear response, the best thing to change that is love. You may be feeling a little stressed, and have a lot going on-that’s understandable. Start having more compassion with yourself, and give yourself more grace and love. Fear cannot exist in the same place as love-plain and simple.

Freeing yourself from anxiety, moving past your emotional and mental blocks, and getting back to living in joy.

My conversation with Phoenix was filled with golden nuggets. She really is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anxiety, and how we can free ourselves to get back to our natural state of joy. One of her ultimate goals is to teach women about their worth, and how powerful they are; once they know this, they will be able to love and serve on a level they never dreamed of.

I know we are bombarded with stimuli more than we ever have been, and our brains just weren’t designed to handle so much information. If you are struggling with anxiety, it does not have to be your reality. You are more than your anxiety, and more than your emotions. I want you to be able to live a life of joy and pleasure, and learn to take back your power!

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