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Life tends to throw curve balls at us from time to time doesn’t it? Just when you start to comfortable-BAM! Life happens once again to teach and guide us. 

This week, Shantel McBride shares her own pivotal moment and the curveballs that were thrown at her. At one point in her life- she lost nine people in her life. She was never able to grieve her losses as another one would pass away before processing the grief from the first-all leaving her within a 3 month period of time. 

How did she get through this? Where did she turn for strength? How can we get through moments in life when we are so low that we don’t know if we can continue? 

Tune into this week as Shantel shares her insight on how she was able to not only heal but pay it forward. 

Obstacles are Detours in the Right Direction with Shantel McBride

June 22, 2018