Critical 2 Confident - 5 Week Group Coaching Program

Welcome! This program is designed to help you to learn how to turn off the negativity that creeps into our minds. My goal is to help you see the truly remarkable person that you are and to embrace yourself, flaws and all.

I know that you, along with every person in this world has been given strengths and gifts in an effort to create balance in this world. Confident people will exercise these gifts and participate in life, they don’t sit on the sidelines and watch! Can you imagine a world where every person had the confidence and desire to use their gifts for good? I can only believe that this world would be a totally different place to live.

The bottom line is that we need you to have confidence in yourself. We need you to exercise those great strengths you have inside of you. This program is going to help you unleash those gifts and, as a result, you will bless your own life along with countless others! How do we do this? Well, when you work on your internal world, your external world will start to completely change before you in positive ways.

I would like for you to set your intention for the next five weeks. Setting intentions is an extremely powerful tool to ensure that you get to where you want to go. If you have no idea where you want to go you will find yourself in Alice in Wonderland’s shoes, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.” Create clarity by deciding right now what you want out of this program. Is it to create momentum in your business, or to help you break through the “glass ceiling” that you have created for yourself? Maybe it is to strengthen relationships and help you get out of the cycle of destructive patterns in your life.

When you set those clear intentions, you will start to hear the answers as we go through the program. They might come from the one hour classes, the activities that are assigned to you, or maybe even from each other in our private FB group. Regardless, when you know what you want out of this experience, you will be open to those answers and they will flow effortlessly to you.

So the instructions are simple. Simply click on the week you are working on, and watch the one hour training video. Once you are finished with the training, follow the action steps and weekly activities that will be assigned. Again - knowledge is not power without action. Knowledge with action is unstoppable and creates lasting change.

You will get out of this program what you put in. I promise that if you put in the action steps along with the learning that you will start the process of transformation. So with that in mind, let the transformation begin!