We are summing it all up this week by adding the visualization and affirmation components of our daily power hour! These last two areas will allow you to truly tap into the creative mode of our brains and allow us to create the life we want.

Affirmations are not “new age” weirdo ideology anymore. Scientists and researchers are understanding the power of declaring what you want in your life. There are several theories on why they work, but let’s just suffice it to say that it does and that you should be using them every day. When our subconscious believes something (just like in belief breakthrough), it will naturally help us to create actions that will lead to reaching that goal or creating that dream we have in our lives.

For instance, if I continually tell myself, “I love being a size six and I enjoy more health and vitality than I ever thought possible!”, my subconscious brain will try to make that statement true. I will start to find eating healthy foods effortless. In fact, I will most likely crave those foods. I will also enjoy working out and will find time to move my body each day.

Do you see the difference? Reprogramming the brain will help you create ways to implement actions that will feel effortless , rather than “losing weight”. This statement will actually encourage the body to “find weight”. We don’t like to “lose” things and therefore the body will find a way to keep the weight on rather than allowing ourselves to release the excess weight.

Ready to learn how to ensure that your affirmations will create lasting change? Ready to learn how to use your written Audio Vision Board and record your voice with music so you can implement visualization and affirmations effortlessly each day?

Let’s wrap this amazing five week journey up and learn the techniques that will be the “icing on the cake” for your transformation.

Action Steps:

  1. Continue practicing your daily power hour each day.
  2. Record your Audio Vision Board
  3. Work through another belief breakthrough on your own! Share your experience on our FB page- how did you do?

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I would love to hear your feedback on this five week journey. Did you find the principles powerful in creating change in your life? If you feel like this program made a difference in your life, please consider writing a testimonial and allowing me to share that with others on my website! My goal is to help each person understand their greatness, and utilize their gifts and strengths to create positive change in this chaotic world.


Wendy Bunnell
Your Confidence Coach