As I started implementing personal development each day- I discovered a live program that proved to hold the missing key to my so called “glass ceiling”. They taught a principle called belief breakthrough.

All of us will try to make sense of our world by creating beliefs about ourselves and about our world. Some are truth, but many of them are false, especially when we create these beliefs when we are young. The limited knowledge and life experience don’t help us discern between what is really truthful and is not. If an adult told us something when we were three- we believed them.

Some of my beliefs  was so profound that it dictated my actions without even knowing it. When we hold a belief in our subconscious we have something that is called “cognitive dissonance.” This term means that our mind wants to have evidence that this belief is true, so it looks around for evidence. This actually ends up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy because we will find reasons why we believe that, and create situations that prove it. You see our subconscious will resist when it hears something contradictory against this belief, so we either must accept it as truth or work through the discomfort to reprogram the belief.

This week you are going to learn how these beliefs or stories hold us back from reaching our goals, and also how to rewrite them for good. I warn you though…….when our cognitive dissonance is challenged, you will feel uncomfortable! You get to choose whether or not to stop pushing and buy into the old programming or to get uncomfortable and push through to greatness.

I am going to show you how easy it is to do, and then you will get to experience how this works in both the class experience and also a 30 minute call where I will walk you through it!

Action Steps:

  1. Continue practicing your daily power hour! I hope that by this time you are truly enjoying this practice and are looking forward to it. Don’t worry if you are not, once you see the results you will want to keep this habit for the rest of your life!
  2. Set up your Belief Breakthrough session here:
  3. Finish writing your Audio Vision Board. Next week we will be recording your voice and pairing it with music!

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