This week we are going to teach you skills to end the comparison game once and for all. Comparing is toxic and will waste precious time that can be spent in action towards your goals. Comparing stops the momentum, cuts off our inspiration, and discourages us from seeing things as they truly are. The fact is that we usually compare our weaknesses to others strengths. This isn’t fair and it isn’t productive, so it is time to stop!

Action Steps:

  1. Continue with your daily power hour. Remember that the second week of implementing any type of new habit is one of the most challenging. Push through the negative voices that are discouraging you from creating positive changes. Keep telling yourself- “I love waking up early and starting each day off with intention and inspiration.” Use the tips and tricks for getting out of bed easily. I promise you that if you will stick with it throughout the five weeks, that you will see amazing changes and you will look forward to waking up and starting your day with this routine.
  2. This week you are going to do a couple of assignments to find your “strengths”. By finding your true strengths you will tap into those gifts that are effortless and utilize them in your business and personal life to take see dramatic improvements in all areas of your life.
    1. Take the Myer’s Briggs Personality Test for free at:
    2. Write down activities that you truly “get lost in”. When does time literally feel like it slips away? Journal your thoughts and share with the FB group.
    3. How can those strengths be utilized to improve your business, relationships, fitness and health? Need ideas? Reach out to the group on FB.
  3. As you find yourself comparing this week or judging others including yourself, stop, ground, breathe, and change those thoughts. Remember you are in charge of your thoughts, by being in tune and acknowledging those thoughts you can stop them in their tracks! Go back to gratitude, become present, breathe, and look at the truth of the situation. Jot your thoughts down in your journal or in evernote.
  4. Work on your second and third paragraphs in your audio vision board. Remember to use present tense as if these things have already happened. Write about your emotions and how you feel because you have these things in your life. The more imagery you can create, the more powerful and effective this audio will be.

A script to be used for the goal of running a half marathon might start like this:

 “I love how it feels to run because my body is in such great condition. I can feel my heart working, and my breath is strong and even. My quadriceps and calves are tested but don’t burn out. I am a healthy, vibrant person who respects the body as the amazing vessel it is: home to my soul. I am in the zone and running better than I ever have before. I am getting faster and stronger every day”…

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