You will discover that this principle is by far the most important of all of the five steps. In fact, all of the other steps will build on truly understanding this principle and embracing why it is so important. Simply writing a few things per day about what you are grateful for haphazardly is not going to cut it. I really want you to feel it, I want to you get into that place in your heart where we can “tune” the radio into your creativity and that higher self.

We will talk about setting up a “power hour” or “miracle morning” each day. The power of waking up early and setting that intention for your day is going to create amazing results in all areas of your life. You will discover the system and “tweak” it so that it becomes your own.

We will also talk about putting together your “audio vision board”. What is this? I will help you understand the power of writing your story powerfully in words using great detail, and then having you record your voice telling the story accompanied with baroque music.

Don’t let this process overwhelm you. I will have you complete one part of the audio vision board per week. By the time you are done with the five weeks, you will have a powerful tool that will help you to create the life you want.

These two steps are going to keep you busy this week. Again, this week sets the foundation for the rest of the program, so getting these two things right is of utmost importance.

For those that need a little guidance in the gratitude exercises each morning, I have provided a link to a recorded 5 minute version that may help you to get the hang of it until you “get it” and can do so in the manner that works best for you.

Action Steps:

Start your day off each morning with 5-10 minutes of each of the following:

  1. Meditation & Grounding
  2. Gratitude
  3. Journaling (can be combined)
  4. Personal Development
  5. Affirmations/Visualization
  6. Physical Exercise (feel free to increase the time on this one)

 Sounds kind of daunting, but truthfully this whole process should only be an hour, and it will change your life (really, I promise).

  1. This week you will start your outline for your Audio Vision Board. Decide what areas of life you are wanting to include, and then start to dream a little and get clear in terms of what you really want to create. Do not let your “head” get in the way so to speak! This is your opportunity to really dream big! We will really hone in on this outline next week and by the time we are done with the five weeks- you will have a 8-10 minute audio of your life that you will design. This is really a “vision board” on steroids! Write your opening paragraph and your first area that you want to transform- I usually start with spirituality but you can choose any of the areas in your life.
  2. Get on our FB page and declare your intentions for what you want out of this class. You can get clarity on your projects and assignments and ask for help. I will be on it regularly to answer questions along the way. Please feel free to jump on this page and ask anytime you would like. I love to see students answering other student's questions- we can always learn from each other!! This should be a space where you can feel safe to get real and vulnerable. This will be a “judgement free” zone so to speak. Click the icon below to join.