Making Peace with Anxiety


Do stress and anxiety sometimes seem to rule your life? What would you do without it looming over your head? Would you show up differently in life? Would you feel lighter, more peaceful and confident? 

This week's episode is all about my personal mental health journey. You'll hear how anxiety and depression have had its hold on my life up until 5 years ago and how a recent episode allowed me to finally make complete peace with anxiety. 

I'll share my top 3 tools that you can implement immediately and some outside resources that you might want to check out. 

I know how differently a person shows up in the world when they can make peace with anxiety. Let me take you by the hand and show you how you can too. 

Resources mentioned:

Kirtan Kriya-


Essential Oils (I mentioned past tense, copaiba, balance, serenity)- email me to get wholesale prices (

Amare- mental wellness company linking the gut and brain to work in harmony. Award winning. Ask for a sample of mood from me! ( or check it out here