Freedom from Within with Sabrina Redmond

I believe that this episode will impact so many listeners. My friend Sabrina was a survivor of sexual abuse and victimization from an early age. The reality is that 1 in every 3 females has been through this horrific experience. 

As she started to heal- she was impacted by another traumatic event that caused her to question her actual existence. 

Sabrina takes us on her journey on all of her cycles through hurt, anger, retaliation and finally to a place of forgiveness and true healing. 

She now teaches others how to come to a place of seeing other through what she calls, "compassionate eyes". This new lens has literally shifted her life out of a dark and seemingly endless dark place, to one of light and true joy. 

Please share this encouragement with any woman or man that you know that has been victimized so that they can hear these words of healing.