Learning to Win at Life with Wendy Cunningham

This woman is an incredible powerhouse.... showing females everywhere that you really can have it all! She has three darling kiddos, a supportive husband that left his "job" two years ago to stay home and work along side her, and they are currently moving to Tennessee on a 65 acre farm. They work from home, play with their littles and enjoy massive financial abundance. 

Wendy is an Executive National Vice President of Arbonne International. She has leaders all of the world and touches the lives of thousands by sharing her knowledge and leadership.

While Wendy enjoys all of this now- it wasn't always this way. She had many turbulent years of learning, growing, experiencing pain and choosing to define her life in a different way. She shares these ups and downs, and then leaves us with incredible ideas on how to "shift your life" and choose a mindset that will lead you to reaching new heights in your life. 

Listen as Wendy shares her "secret sauce" to success!