From My Arms to Yours- with Kelsey Eastman

This episode is very dear to my heart because it my daughter's story. In my book and on stage I talk briefly about my daughter getting pregnant with a special needs baby and that she ultimately makes the courageous choice to place her for adoption. I have been asked many times to tell the "whole story". Well folks here is your chance to hear it.

In every aspect of this story is love. Love instead of fear for the unknown, love for the unborn child, love and strength from the Lord as she is led to her baby's forever family. It is a story of miracles, nights of tears, and moments of unbelievable joy. 

Learn how a family got bigger not smaller, how a courageous decision made a ripple effect of positive impacts that will most likely span generations. 

And in true Kelsey style- what does she want to do next? She wants to continue paying it forward and blessing the lives of other birth mothers, adoptees, and adoptive families. 

Listen in as Kelsey tells her story.

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The Laws of Prosperity & Money with Leslie Householder

So I am not going to sugar coat it- I had a toxic relationship with money for over three decades of my life. Every time I even thought about money- it would bring extreme anxiety in my life. Money (in my mind) brought hardship into my life, and I believed if I had more than everything would be okay. 

However- what does something do when you "hate it"? You, of course, repel it. It doesn't flow to you and your subconscious works against you because you have told it that you don't want it in your life! 

Even as I started my entrepreneurial journey- I kept plateauing in my business. But then..... Leslie Householder came into my life.  Through her books, online program, and 3 day in person program- I reshaped my mindset around money and learned the Laws of Prosperity. And you know what? I have doubled my income every year since. 

Money is a blessing now- it is a form of energy that can do much good in this world. Money flows to me and for me. 

Want to know how to do this in your own life? Don't miss this episode!!

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Going From Fine To Fab with Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Lisa seems to be one of those women that has it all. She is beautiful, confident, a regular on TV and has a successful business with her incredibly supportive husband that she calls "handsome". 

So it is surprising to hear her tell her story of self-sabotage and self-hatred that consumed her life for three decades. Her healing started after attending her first personal conference featuring the fabulous Tony Robbins. Through years of training, she became a platinum partner with Tony and has developed her own program called, "Fine to Fab". 

Lisa sheds light on what she discovered after 25 years of training and working on her own mindset and investing over 1 million dollars to do so. Want to know what the secret is that she learned? Tune in to find out!

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Broken To Beautiful with Ashley McEvoy

This show is the real deal. I honestly almost edited the first five minutes because the "flow" was not happening yet. However, my beautiful guest Ashley McEvoy reminded me of being genuine, about being authentic. You might see me stumbling over words, repeating a few things- but that is life right? So I kept it. 

It is definitely in line with Ashley's journey. She stumbled a bit at the beginning of life- made some challenging choices and felt innately flawed for so many years of her life. During one of her darkest periods in life- she discovered the answer to her healing and the things that catapulted her to her great success in life. She will share her story and shed light on exactly how she climbed out of the dark hole in her life and learned to find joy regardless of circumstances. 

This is a special episode. You are going to fall in love with the magnificent Ashley McEvoy.

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Learning to Balance Life and Work with Ease

How do you balance your businesses, your family, and just life in general? 

Well, in an attempt to answer this question for this week's show- I have brought in the beautiful Jeanette Bennett,  who is an incredibly busy mother of 5 who is the owner and publisher of several magazines including Utah Valley Magazine. If anyone can help us navigate this topic- it is certainly this exceptional lady.

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Winning at Relationships with Wendy Bunnell

Relationships......yes they are the source of our greatest joy, and sometimes the source of our heaviest worries and pain. 

We definitely value them higher than any other aspect of life. Most of us would gladly sacrifice anything to protect a child or spouse. 

So how can we bring more connection, peace, and love into our relationships? How can we get over resentment, pain, and frustration? 

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Obstacles are Detours in the Right Direction with Shantel McBride

Life tends to throw curve balls at us from time to time doesn't it? Just when you start to comfortable-BAM! Life happens once again to teach and guide us. 

This week, Shantel McBride shares her own pivotal moment and the curveballs that were thrown at her. At one point in her life- she lost nine people in her life. She was never able to grieve her losses as another one would pass away before processing the grief from the first-all leaving her within a 3 month period of time. 

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Rewire anxiety, overwhelm, and procastination with Angela Bell

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could rewire our brain so that we had less overwhelm, less procrastination, less anxiety, and replace it with more joy, peace, and fulfillment? 

Well- what if you could?? Angela Bell is a Neuro Life coach. She is going to talk about the three basics in life which is worth and power which equals safety. These principles will change everything in your life-relationships, financial abundance, and self acceptance.

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From Shy and Awkward to Bold and Unstoppable with Tauni West

It's hard to believe that a woman like Tauni West could ever have been anything but a trailblazer. She is one of those women that seems to have it all- physical beauty, a thriving career, a well-balanced home life with five kids and a great husband that supports and cheers her on. 

However Tauni describes herself  as a shy and awkward young girl who had little self-confidence and felt simply "quirky".

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Freedom from Within with Sabrina Redmond

I believe that this episode will impact so many listeners. My friend Sabrina was a survivor of sexual abuse and victimization from an early age. The reality is that 1 in every 3 females has been through this horrific experience. 

As she started to heal- she was impacted by another traumatic event that caused her to question her actual existence. 

Sabrina takes us on her journey on all of her cycles through hurt, anger, retaliation and finally to a place of forgiveness and true healing. 

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Learning to release shame and embrace self-honesty with Naomi Fox

This episode is dear to my heart and so very vulnerable and raw. My dear friend Naomi Fox shares her story of tragedy to triumph in stepping out a life of domestic violence and regaining her self identity and self love in the process. 

How do you let go of guilt and shame? How do you learn to get real and honest with yourself? Naomi walks us through this process- and shares the secret to her success. 

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Finding Strength and Hope During Times of Grief & Loss With Tiffany Berg Coughran

I don't believe there are coincidences in life. I believe that things align perfectly at the right time through the right person or experience. So it was no coincidence that I had scheduled Tiffany Berg Coughran to record a podcast at the exact time that I needed the information along with my community that has been hit hard by grief and loss in the past 30 days.

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